Below is a list of the plot “addresses” with the gardeners’ names. There are four columns of rows (A, B, C & D), with numbers starting at the east (closest to 60th Street). Each column has 9 rows.

The water tank and tool shed is located at the west end of the garden.

See the map at the bottom for a layout of the garden plots.



(8′ wide x 4′ deep plots)

PLOT A-1 |  Chelsey M

PLOT A-2 |  Holly F

PLOT A-3 | Kaylar F & Ryan M

PLOT A-4 | Karen G & Jason B

PLOT A-5 | Jason B & Karen G

PLOT A-6 | Johsette W & Emry D

PLOT A-7 | Kelli B & June B

PLOT A-8 |  Kaitlin F

PLOT A-9 | Jenny & Kurt G


(8′ wide x 4′ deep plots)

PLOT B-1 |  Erin H & Thanh T

PLOT B-2 | Vivian H

PLOT B-3 |  Dianna L

PLOT B-4 |  Sydney S

PLOT B-5 |  Robyn T

PLOT B-6 | Joyce V & Mike J

PLOT B-7 |  Kasey C

PLOT B-8 |  Harold & Barbara S

PLOT B-9 |  Jenny M


(12′ wide x 4′ deep plots)

PLOT C-1 | Melissa J

PLOT C-2 | Carly P & Dylan S

PLOT C-3 |  Nicole T & Travis S

PLOT C-4 | Ami P

PLOT C-5 |  Jeff, Mary, Lucy & ALice M

PLOT C-6 |  Mike J & Joyce V

PLOT C-7 |  Maegan W

PLOT C-8 | Ashley, Tony & Nathan B

PLOT C-9 | Ryan G


(12′ wide x 4′ deep plots)

PLOT D-1 | Laura & Zach M

PLOT D-2 | Darian S & Melynda W

PLOT D-3 | Grace T

PLOT D-4 | Salem

PLOT D-5 | Caleb A & Joanne K

PLOT D-6 | Dessi P

PLOT D-7 | Rebecca B

PLOT D-8 |  Andrea & Aaron E

PLOT D-9 |  Justin B