Benson Community Garden Pollinator Paradise

Explore the vibrant world of pollination plants that support our garden and the greater local ecosystem. Dive into the beauty and importance of each plant in our garden.

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Some of the Plants in our Garden

The Vital Role of Pollinator Plants in Ecosystems and Communities

At the Benson Community Garden in Omaha, Nebraska, we take pride in our expansive pollinator garden, designed with an array of features to support the thriving community of pollinator insects. But why are these plants and insects so crucial?

Pollinator plants are the backbone of a healthy ecosystem. They provide the nectar and pollen that bees, butterflies, and other pollinating insects need to survive. These insects, in turn, facilitate the reproduction of about 75% of flowering plants, including many of the fruits, vegetables, and nuts that we consume daily. Without them, our food supply would be drastically reduced, impacting both biodiversity and human nutrition.

In addition to their ecological benefits, pollinator plants enhance our local environment. They contribute to the beauty of our garden, attracting not only pollinators but also visitors who come to enjoy the vibrant, living landscape. This helps to foster a sense of community, connecting people through shared appreciation of nature and gardening.

Moreover, pollinator gardens like ours at the Benson Community Garden serve as educational resources. They offer a hands-on learning experience for all ages, highlighting the importance of conservation and sustainable practices. Through workshops and guided tours, we aim to raise awareness about the critical role of pollinators and how everyone can contribute to their protection.

In supporting pollinator plants, we are investing in the health of our ecosystem and the well-being of our community. By creating a habitat for these essential insects, we ensure that our garden remains a thriving, resilient space for both nature and people.

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Join Us in Supporting Pollinators

Support our pollinator garden at the Benson Community Garden by donating through Venmo or by check. Your contributions help us maintain and expand this essential habitat for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Every dollar helps provide plants, tools, new features, and garden upkeep. Join us in protecting and nurturing our pollinators by making a donation today. Your support is greatly appreciated and significantly impacts our community and environment!